About Hear for Less®


One in six people suffer from some degree of hearing loss. Sadly, less than a quarter of people in Australia who would benefit from a hearing aid actually get them. One of the main reasons is cost.

With a groundswell of hearing aid customers demanding transparent pricing, we realised a new approach was needed.

On average, people spend around $5000 on a pair of hearing aids. The very same hearing aids can be provided by our Hear for Less endorsed hearing practitioner with savings up to $3,800 at the top end.


The great news is that you now have access to the latest in branded hearing aids from as little as $25.00 per week.

This breaks down the cost barriers and opens the market to those who couldn’t previously afford hearing aids. Moreover, Hear for Less also offers you around 300 solutions from hearing aids batteries, wax management solutions, amplified phones, assisted listening devices, hearing protection and the ability to get hearing aids at a more economical investment.

Also to answer this need for quality hearing instruments, competitive pricing AND highly qualified hearing practitioners to expertly fit and provide follow-up, we introduced this completely unique, 100% Australian owned, independent service. Hear for Less is not owned wholly or partially owned by any hearing aid manufacturer, nor do we pay and or receive commissions as an incentive to push products.

Some people are concerned about the cosmetics. Technology has moved on in leaps and bounds over the last 10 years with features like noise reduction, GPS tagging (the hearing aid even knows when you’re in your favourite restaurant and changes it’s settings accordingly), 360 speech and data logging (the aid knows and can record each environment you’re in so the audiologist can fine-tune your hearing aids accordingly).

The dawn of a new ear is now upon us. At Hear for Less we’re striving to educate the public that the stigma of wearing hearing aids is no longer valid. With Apple’s new iPhone 7 launch minus the traditional 3.5mm insert for ear buds, Apple’s “Airpods” (wireless ear buds) have been labelled as a “cultural phenomenon” as they pave the way for accessories to look cool on your ears. Moreover, there is an increasing number of assisted listening devices and intelligent ear plugs entering today’s market the sit noticeably in the ear canal, adding to this trend. Aside from directional hearing, will this new trend roll through to how hearing aid manufacturers develop their new hearing aids, size, shape and how their worn?

Our key focus specialises in providing the latest quality solutions for both hearing loss and hearing protection coupled with unbeatable services and delivery.

I am very proud to introduce:

Hear for Less®, Australasia’s Leading Online Hearing Experts.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Henry
CEO & Founder