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      Do I need to my hearing aids fitted by a hearing practitioner?

      Yes, all hearing aids will be fitted in a face to face consultation provided by a professional hearing practitioner.

      Hearing aids are medical devices and everyone’s individual hearing needs are different so only a qualified hearing practitioner can provide you with a customised fitting. This is to ensure accuracy, comfort and for you to achieve the best quality sound available within your choice of hearing aid(s)

      There's so many hearing aids, which one do I choose?

      Hearing aids are medical devices which will help you to achieve the best quality sound available your individual needs.

      Whether this is your first time or even if you are looking to upgrade your current hearing aids, Hear for Less suggests that you have a relevant Audiogram (comprehensive hearing test completed) by a professional hearing practitioner.

      Only a professional hearing practitioner can provide you with a recommendation of which range of hearing aids would best suit your individual hearing needs and lifestyle.

      Simply get in touch with us on 1800 HEARforLESS (1800 432 736) and we can arrange for you to been seen at a clinic convenient to your location.

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      Where do I pay for my hearing aids?

      You will pay for your hearing aids directly to the clinic that you have been seen by. They will let you know their various options of payment during your appointment with them.

      You don't have the brand that I was quoted on, what shall I do?

      We only list global hearing aid manufacturers with world class technology with their presence here in Australia.

      If you have been quoted a different brand, make and model, no problem, our hearing care practitioners can easily guide you to a hearing aid within their range that is right for you.

      Email us your details at [email protected] and we will come back to you within 24 hours.

      Not quite what you were after? All hearing aids come with a full 45 day no worries money back guarantee. Professional service fee’s apply, see our Terms and Conditions for further details.

      What is hearing loss?

      Hearing loss is simply a partial or complete loss of hearing. Losses are generally categorised from mild to profound, and can have varying degrees of effect on everyday life.

      What causes hearing loss?

      Hearing loss has many causes. Issues with the outer, middle and inner ear can cause hearing loss, as well as medication, infection or exposure to loud noise. Ageing is also a common cause of hearing loss.

      Rehabilitation of hearing loss

      Hearing loss rehabilitation helps the individual manage their hearing and diagnosis and make the best of it. It includes learning about your hearing loss and how to cope in stressful situations, as well as fitting hearing aids and trialling assistive technology to help with everyday life.

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