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Deaf Children Australia Sausage Sizzle, Port Melbourne

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Join Hear for Less and Deaf Children Australia this Saturday as they cook up a storm at Bunnings, Port Melbourne in a bid to raise further funds towards a life changing experience for deaf children by way of a fun camp.
Also, impress your friends with the latest in summer BBQ’ing tips on seasoning’s, marinades and how to prepare an amazing mouth watering feast for your family and friends, free from celebrity chef Pete Hilcke. Bunnings will be displaying a range of BBQ’s, so make sure you hit Pete up as to which BBQ might be best for your summer needs. Pete Hilcke is currently filming the Australian Sustainable Seafood Show and has been kind enough to donate 4 hours out of his busy schedule to help with this worthy cause.
So come along, enjoy a fresh snag wrapped in delicious, soft, Bakers Delight bread and get some HOT BBQ’ing tips for this summer.
Bunnings, 501 Williamstown Rd, Port Melbourne VIC 3207
BBQ’ing times: 09.00am – 16.00pm
Pete Hilcke – 11.00 – 15.00pm
If you are unable to make it, however would still like to donate then click here. This link will take you directly to Deaf Children Australia donation page. Simply add BBQ in the donor reference area, so we know where these funds are to be portioned.

Hear for Less Deaf Children Australia Mudders October 2015

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Want to enjoy some fun, camaraderie and getting fit for summer?

We have 8 open spots open for Tough Mudder Melbourne, October 17th 2015, flying the flag and raise funds for Deaf Children Australia. Your commitment is to raise $1,000.00 and you will earn the glory and pride of completing Tough Mudder. All funds raised will help enable Deaf Children Australia to run a family camp for deaf and hard of hearing children and their families.

Most deaf children are in mainstream schools and often, they are the only student in their school with a hearing loss. The camps are one of the few opportunities where the students get together, meet each other – and realise they’re not the only deaf person in the world. It is also important for the children and their families to discover that they are not alone in the challenges that they face. This discovery weekend will form bonds that will allow them to share their current and future experiences with each other well after the activities have concluded.

Entering is easy, join us today by emailing Noel Henderson: [email protected]

Hear for Less Deaf Children Australia Mudders October 2015

For more information, click here

I survived, but now I need your help!

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Clare Hines has been dealt a bad hand in life. After suffering with Epilepsy for the last 10 years, during a routine MRI scan in December 2011, at the age of 27 Clare was diagnosed with a very rare 2.8cm Acoustic Neuroma Brain Tumour. To Clare’s absolute surprise, just 6 weeks after being diagnosed Clare found out she was pregnant, the question was raised by the doctors, is it was safe enough to proceed with the pregnancy? With the seizures, strong epileptic medicine, Brain Tumour and now the reality that Clare would become unilaterally Deaf following surgery, this fast became a story of survival.  On top of all this was the medical bills…

Clare’s story really struck a chord with me and reminded me the very reason why I have created my company Hear for Less. I am here to change lives, so will do whatever I can to help Clare and her family out.

Clare is now Deaf in her right ear and still paying off her original hospital bills, which will take years. As a person who doesn’t ask for much, Clare reluctantly set-up a giving page, which has allowed strangers from all over the world to donate the much needed funds towards her campaign. Clare needs at least $5,000.00 to fund the latest in Hearing Aid technology so that Clare can hear her baby boy and the sounds she loves. Her giving site will end on Friday 31st July and Clare has already achieved amazing 71% or her goal.

You can help Clare today. Please click DONATE NOW! to give whatever you can towards Clare campaign and help her to hear again.

In the link you will also be able to read Clare’s full story and get the latest updates from her.

We want Clare to have the support she so desperately needs to improve her quality of life, regardless of whether that’s through Hear for Less or via another solution.

Thank you in advance,

Robert Henry

CEO & Founder

Hear for Less


Lover of loud music?

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More than a billion young people are at risk of losing their hearing because of listening to loud music, a new World Health Organisation (WHO) report warns.

The WHO (not the band…) study found that among people aged 12 to 35, nearly half were at risk of hearing damage because of loud music, be it at live venues or on personal devices.

Dr Shelly Chadha, an expert in hearing loss prevention for the WHO in Geneva, led the study, which analysed data from high and middle-income countries.

It found any more than 15 minutes of daily exposure to music louder than 85 decibels could cause serious problems in a relatively short period of time.

“We have bones inside the ear which are responsible for hearing and when we are exposed to loud sounds it damages them,” she said.

“If one is exposed to sounds which are 85 decibels, it would sound like if you were sitting inside your car in heavy traffic. That level of sound one can actually listen to safely for up to eight hours.

“But if you were to go on increasing the sound, and if you’re listening to your music at 100 decibels, [that] would sound something like what a lawnmower would sound like.

“If you’re exposed to that intensity of sound, you can listen to it only for about 15 minutes or less than 15 minutes, and if you listen for longer than this on a daily basis, it’s bound to damage your hearing cells.”


Article: Michael Edwards, ABC News

Picture: Carl de Souza, AFP

Protect your hearing today: http://www.hearforless.com.au/product/noizzez-33db/


Deaf Children Australia does Tough Mudder!

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Hear For Less CEO and founder Robert Henry has started a Tough Mudder team to raise money for DCA – good on you Rob! Joining him on the journey is our Fundraising and Development manager Noel Henderson. They had their first boot camp session yesterday.. only many, many more to go.

We are on the lookout for more team members. Anyone can join the Hear For Less DCA Mudders. If you want to challenge yourself, make new friends or get fit this might be for you! You’ll have a lot of fun while raising money to help us help deaf children all around Australia.

If you’d like to join the team, email [email protected] to get started! Get more details on all the fun of Tough Mudder at https://toughmudder.com.au/