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Bellman & Symfon Push Button Vibrate Bundle

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The Push Button Vibrate Bundle and alerting system combines three of the best Bellman and Symfon products to bring to you a great door bell alert system along with a telephone alert system as well. Included in the bundle are the Bellman Push Button Transmitter, Bellman Telephone Transmitter and also the Bellman Pager Receiver.

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BE1240 Bellman Visit Push Button Transmitter

This is the controller of the entire Bellman Visit alert system. The push button transmitter can easily be installed on your doorbell and it will send a radio signal to the personal pager every time the button is pushed. Whenever someone at the door rings the doorbell by pushing the button, you will be alerted via the signals on your personal pager. Because the pager is a wireless, handheld or pocket carried device you will be able to roam around anywhere in the house without having to worry about missing a caller on the doorstep.

BE1123 Telephone Transmitter

The Bellman telephone transmitter can also work as a multipurpose device. This works with the Bellman Pager that will ensure that you will be alerted for every incoming phone call at your home. The telephone transmitter can easily be plugged into the telephone socket along with the adapter. The device sends a signal to the pager device every time a call is received.

The telephone transmitter can also be used as a standalone device which can be used to activate other Bellman alert devices like the mat alerts. The transmitter can also be used to activate Bellman magnetic contacts through which you can control opening of doors and windows at your home to keep in check who enters your home and who does out.

BE1230 Visit Pager Receiver

This is your personal pager receiver that will alert you to all signals coming from the push button door and the telephone transmitter. You can clip the pager to your waistband or keep it in a pocket just like any regular pager. This pager uses multiple light and vibrate signals to alert you about the incoming phone calls or if the bell sounds at your door.